Nimbus Software
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Nimbus Software is a software development company which was created with the idea to offer best quality and innovative IT solutions to its customers. The synergy between our expertise and the clients' needs and specifications always leads to achieving the best possible software solutions.

We offer a wide range of services that meet the quality standards and embrace the new technologies. Every project is developed with a lot of creativity, analyses and expertise in which we try to invest constantly. We serve our clients worldwide and have experience with IT solutions incorporated in a variety of industries.

Our mission is to become our clients' reliable partner and one of the best companies in the software development industry in the region.

We ensure the quality of the offered services through the following policy: Quality and IT Service Policy.

We guarantee the safety of clients' information through the following policy: Information Security Policy.

Our Team

The young development team and the strong teamwork offer an excellent work environment in the company, which allows creating innovative products.

We constantly try to develop, keep up with the latest technologies and to invest in our employee’s knowledge.

Every single individual contributes to the company's success through its personal engagement and creativity in the work process.

What we believe in

We believe in the power of our team, fully capable to answer to the daily challenges and offer the most efficient and creative solutions.

We believe in our clients, because they are the core and the wheel of our business, always willing to incorporate new ideas and new solutions to their products.

We believe in progress, quality, creativity, innovation and excellent work environment.