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Cloud computing is a set of technologies that allow distributed resources to act as a single system to provide the relevant information to the user.

Nimbus Software is proficient in development of applications for the cloud infrastructure.

Built for the cloud from the ground up

One of the most prominent features of the Cloud infrastructure is keeping Big Data. Big Data is a term that explains collection of data that is entered by multiple users and exceeds the limitations of storage of several computers. Big Data is usually measured in multiple terabytes or even petabytes. Therefore the data storage is distributed on hundreds if not thousands of servers across the world.

Our expertise in Big Data storage allows us to design the project from the start. Building the applications with Big Data and distributed environment in mind requires to start with this premise. Any project that is started with conventional databases needs to be completely re-designed in order to grow in a Big Data project.

Virtual appliance

A virtual appliance is a virtual machine file that has all the components installed and configured for the application to work. The virtual machine contains the operating system and the environment that the application uses to run. All of the components of the system are fine-tuned to serve the application that is running on it.

The software that we build can be provisioned as a virtual appliance. Benefits for the system administrator are:

  • No need for installation of the operating system
  • No need for installation of the required components (runtime libraries, application servers)
  • No need for configuration of the components of the system
  • No installation of the application

One of the benefits of the virtualization approach is the on-demand assignment of resources. Depending on the requirements of the application, the system administrator can assign additional resources to the virtual machine in order to improve the performance of the application. On the other hand, if it is concluded that the resources that are assigned to a certain virtual machine (application) are not totally used, they can be reduced for this machine and used on another one that requires more resources.